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Are you excited about the new addition to your family? Bringing home a puppy is one of the greatest ways to enhance your life. And you can count on Playful Pups & Performance Training to provide the best puppy training in the Hampton Roads area. In fact, local trainers with new puppies have come to our Puppy Manners & Socialization class, knowing it will give a puppy the best possible foundation for future training. 

We have the years of experience and expertise to offer you skilled and trusted puppy training, no matter what your puppy’s background or breed. Not only do we want to start your puppy off right, we want to teach you and your family how to use positive reinforcement rather than punishment to teach your puppy to behave. Now that veterinarians recommend training to be well on its way before the puppy reaches 14 weeks old, we start puppies as soon as possible, at 8 or 9 weeks. This way, we can show you how to avoid problem behaviors before they even start! 

We strongly urge you to attend Puppy Manners & Socialization classes because the socialization component is critical—your pup will interact with men, women, children, and other puppies. But socialization is NOT just taking your puppy around these things: we make sure that the puppy is always free to choose to interact, and only when he feels confident and safe. Of all the lessons you will be teaching your dog, this one will have the most impact on his future personality. 

Puppy owners often have similar concerns, and being with other new-puppy parents is helpful and reassuring! Additionally, each class addresses a common puppy issue, such as housebreaking, chewing, biting, or jumping up. Be assured that we not only will help you through new-puppy challenges; we will also give your pup a strong foundation in obedience that will make future training a breeze! We will do so by showing you foundation exercises and games to play with your puppy, so he will become the obedient pet or performance dog you are hoping for! (And if your puppy successfully completes six Puppy Manners & Socialization Classes, he can be awarded the AKC’s “S.T.A.R.” puppy designation!) 

Allow us to share in your joy of introducing a new pet into your home. Go to the Group Classes/Puppy Classes page on the www.playfulpupstraining.com website for more information and helpful links you can download. Specifically, you may want to read about the importance of NOT WAITING until all your puppy’s shots have been given before bringing him to a well-run puppy class. With 6 years of experience behind us, we can assure you that your puppy will be safe in a class where all the puppies are current on their age-appropriate shots. 

Bottom line? You will love that you chose Playful Pups and Performance Training, Inc. 

Email today and tell us what you need. We are looking forward to helping you build a better relationship with your dog through positive training methods!

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