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Playful Pups & Performance Training, Inc. offers affordable dog obedience training in Virginia Beach, VA. Dog obedience training helps you to not only better communicate with your canine companion, but it also strengthens your bond. My obedience school utilizes humane techniques that blend rules and boundaries for your dog with praises and rewards to develop a more balanced pet. 

Our dog obedience classes will teach you to set great expectations for you and your dog. You both deserve a relationship full of companionship, trust, and respect. By learning how to communicate properly with your dog, you will be better able to understand its needs. In addition, you be able to watch your own body posture and read what it is saying to your dog. By better understanding yourself and your dog, you will increase your dog’s obedience, so that you and your dog will have a better relationship.

Is your dog acting crazy or anxious? Do they snap at you with their little fangs and wreak havoc upon your household? If so, my trainers can help. Your pup needs reassurance that you are the pack leader, and that you will keep them safe and loved. Many of my clients see immediate results after just one obedience class. 
If you are interested in learning how to communicate with your dog, my obedience classes are for you. After an initial dog behavior assessment, I will develop a unique plan to help your dog develop household routines and display good manners in the presence of people and other dogs. 
Once you complete our dog obedience classes, you and your dog will feel brand new again. Your relationship will improve and you will better understand each other. Dog obedience is the first step in creating a rewarding relationship between you and your dog. At Playful Pups & Performance Training, Inc., you will discover a new level of trust is possible with your dog. 

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