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Are you ready to establish a strong bond between yourself and your canine companion? 

If you are, it’s time to sign up for group dog training classes at Playful Pups & Performance Training, Inc. in Virginia Beach, VA. We hold these group classes on Saturdays and weekday evenings and will afford you lots of one-on-one attention, because classes are limited to 4 or 5 dogs. We welcome family members to attend these group classes, since the dog will learn much more quickly if everyone in the family is on board with the techniques the we use to teach behaviors. 

When you come to class, do not expect to be punishing or correcting your dog when he makes a mistake. Overwhelming evidence tells us that dogs learn best when you instantly identify and then reward their correct choices. So be sure to bring plenty of tasty, soft--not crunchy--treats with you. Once your dog understands the desired behavior, you will fade out the use of treats and discover your dog will still do what you want, even when there’s no tidbit in your hand! Don’t believe it? Come take a class and see! 

Group dog training classes are a fantastic way for the whole family to get involved with your dog’s training. Our small classes promote friendly interactions among the humans (as well as the dogs!). Since our positive approach to dog training is exciting and fun, your dog will be racing you to our entrance when it’s time for class! 

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